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Warm congratulations on

My company high temperature food grade grease by American national sanitation foundation (NSF) food grade the authentication


    The United States national sanitation foundation (NSF) aim is to promote the social public health quality of life. NSF organization is by government agencies, universities, industry and consumer groups and other public health and health experts composed. The key point is to all health, public health, etc are affected by products, conclude a development and management standard NSF be devoted to public health, safety, in the field of environmental protection standard formulating, product testing and certification services, public health and safety areas of authority. NSF as a neutral third party to the United States and the international standard authentication qualification get including the American national standards institute (ANSI), the United States occupational safety and health area 、Canada National standard committee 13 countries or industry authority organization's approval and the authentication .

    In 2011 the company submitted to high temperature food grease, through unremitting efforts, finally in 2012 through the the authentication, the authentication of the obtained marked for high temperature food grease research a major breakthrough .

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