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FT-7109、7110 series grease for optical instrument

We are devoted to develop and produce high-class lubricating grease, as well as providing special lubricating solution for you


The excellent wiredrawing performance and good viscidity guarantee sufficient lubrication.

The excellent performance of mildew resistance prevents bacterium inside of optical instrument.

The excellent performance free-running resistance prevents optical instrument from being polluted.

The excellent fog-proof performance keeps lens clean. The excellent protection performance guarantees good protection to the metal parts of optical instrument.


It is suitable for the sealing and lubricating of fine adjustment, focusing thread, worm wheel, worm pole, thread shaft, rotator, lift thread, handwheel and telescope lens of measuring instrument, geodetic instrument , microscope, remote sensing instrument, physical spectrum and camera, etc..

and optical instrument. 7109 series is for that of smaller clearance while 7110 series is for bigger clearance.

Working temperature: -50℃~70℃

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