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FT-7502、7503 series vacuum silicon lubricating grease

We are devoted to develop and produce high-class lubricating grease, as well as providing special lubricating solution for you


Excellent properties in both high and low temperature guarantee sufficient lubrication and sealing.

Excellent property of water resistance makes it suitable for the sealing and lubricating in moist conditions.

Excellent property of impregnant guarantees good sealing and lubricating in the condition of impregnant.

Excellent property of electric insulation guarantees safe operation.

Besides, it is adapted with most materials like rubber, nylon, PVC and other nonmetallic materials.


7502 series is suitable for the sealing and lubricating of the parts between rubber and metal, and for the sealing and lubricating of the gliding parts at low speed like glass, ceramic or metal valve rotator or connector that touches with chemical products; and for the insulating and sealing of damping apparatus and filling medium. Besides, it is also suitable for vacuum system at 1.33 × 10-4Pa.

Working temperature: -50℃~200℃ or even to 260℃ for a short time


7503 series is used as the corrosive inhibitor and lubricator of metal parts. It is also suitable for the protection and insulation of electric apparatus.

Working temperature: -60℃~200℃

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