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FT-EM50B series lubricating grease


With excellent colloid stability and adhesivity, it prevents oil from diffusing and being lost.

With excellent properties of compound base oil, it has a long service life as that of equipment.

It is compatible with most plastic and flexible materials.

With strong oil film, it is excellent in de-noising and wear resistance.

It is environmental, non-poison and safe to use.


It is suitable for the lubrication of small gear wheel and motion parts of various toys, model aeroplane, textile machine, automobile, electron, electrical apparatus, recorder movement and video apparatus, or for the lubrication of gear wheel and slide rail of office equipment like photocopier, facsimile apparatus, printer and kneader, etc.. It is also suitable for the plastic or metal gear wheel and bearing of food machine and small household electrical apparatus.

Working temperature: -40℃~150℃

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