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FT-7102、7103、7104 series lubricating grease


The excellent damping performance guarantees right damping.

The excellent lubricating performance reduces abrasion.

The excellent performance of wear resistance prevents lubricated and damped parts from being rust by outside condition.

The excellent performance of insulation keeps potentiometer safe.

The excellent sealing performance guarantees sufficient damping and lubricating.



7102、7103 series are suitable for the damping and lubricating of the rotation shaft of rotary potentiometer and inductor, and for the damping and lubricating of the adjusting system and knob of instruments lie video equipment, microscope and telescope.

7102 series has stronger damping performance than that of 7103 series.

Working temperature; -30℃~130℃

7104 series is suitable for the damping and lubricating of the slip sheet and slide rail of potentiometer

Working temperature: -50℃~150℃

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