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FT-5201 series lubricating grease purposed for damping


Damping grease is to provide some internal friction while lubricating to reduce external impact or external motion.

It can keep certain resistance in a wide range of working temperature without leaking.

Apply pure raw material, it complies with the requirement for environmental protection.

Besides, it also has good viscidity and damping performance. According to different properties of low-temperature resistance and different damping forces, it may be divided into A, B ,C and D type.



It is suitable for the lubricating and damping of small toys, household electrical apparatus and office equipment; and is suitable for the sealing and lubricating of high-class valves and water taps; and is also suitable for the buffering positions of hinge and rotary shaft.

Working temperature of A type: -15℃~180℃

Working temperature of B type: -10℃~180℃

Working temperature of C type: -5℃~180℃

Working temperature of D type: -45℃~180℃

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