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HP-R series high-efficiency lubricating grease in high temperature

Along with quick development of transportation, we have developed various lubricating grease for the industry of automobile parts to meet the demands for high speed, heavy load, high temperature and long life, including ball cage type lubricating grease, wheel hub bearing lubricating grease purposed for heavy-load trucks and buses, and many other lubricating grease of long life.

Summary descriptions:

This product is made from complex metal soap and special base oil, as well as other additives like high-efficiency extreme pressure anti-wear additives, rust-proofing agents and antioxidants.



With excellent properties of extreme pressure resistance and wear resistance, it can be used for lubricating the wheel hub bearings of heavy-load trucks.

With excellent property of colloid stability, this product has long service life.

It has excellent properties of water resistance, mechanical stability, anticorrosion and oxidation stability.



This product is suitable for lubricating friction positions of cars, buses or heavy-load trucks like wheel hub bearings, chassis , electric motor, water pump and so on.

It is also suitable for lubricating bearings of roller, casing machines in metallurgic industry.

Working temperature: -30℃~200℃


Typical data:


Typical data

Test method


Blue well-proportioned ointment

Eye survey

Penetration capacity,0.1mm


GB/T 269

Dropping point,℃


GB/T 3498

Water loss amount38,1h,%                  


SH/T 0109

Extreme pressure performancePB ,N                  


SH/T 0202

Extreme pressure performancePD ,N                  


SH/T 0202

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