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FT-7014-3 series lubricating grease for high temperature

No matter in very cold like Siberia or in hot tropical rain forest, there always is one product to meet you.

Summary descriptions:

This product is made from new type complex soap, compound oil and many additives.


With excellent performance in high temperature, it is not easy to get lost from the lubricated position.

The excellent performance of extreme pressure guarantees effective lubrication the loaded parts.

With excellent performance of water resistance, it can be used in moist condition.

Besides, it also has excellent adaptability with most kinds of rubber and has excellent colloid stability so that oil is not easy to be separated for long-time storage.


This product is designed purposely for aviation lubrication. It is suitable for many civil aviation, and is also suitable for various rolling bearings of imported or domestic equipment at high speed with wide range of working temperature in the field of petroleum and light textile. Besides, it is also suitable for lubricating motor mechanism and general gear wheels.

Compared with mineral grease, the period of lubrication may be extended 10~15 times longer.

Working temperature: -50℃~200℃

Typical data:


Typical data

Test method


Smooth and well-proportioned ointment in light color

Eye survey

Dropping point,℃               


GB/T 3498

Penetration capacity,0.1mm


GB/T 269

Oil separation capacity,%       


GB/T 392

Vaporization capacity(180),%


SH/T 0337

Anticorrosive test45號鋼,100,3h


SH/T 0331

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