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FT-1052G series lubricating grease for angle grinder

As a kind of holding type tools, electric tool has developed into our country from foreign countries. There have been many kinds of electric tools in our country, therefore, the requirement for lubricating will not be identical.


The excellent viscidity overcomes the centrifugal force at high speed.

The excellent lubrication performance reduces noise obviously.

The excellent oxidation resistance keeps good lubrication properties.

It is compatible with most plastic and seal parts.

Besides, it also has excellent properties of extreme pressure, wear resistance and carrying capacity.


It is suitable for the lubrication and de-noising of leak-proof gear wheel of angle grinder running at high speed in high temperature, plastic or metal gear wheel and worm wheel of small type decelerator motor. It is suitable for central lubrication.

Working temperature: -20℃~200℃

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