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FT-1317G series lubricating grease for gear wheel

As a kind of holding type tools, electric tool has developed into our country from foreign countries. There have been many kinds of electric tools in our country, therefore, the requirement for lubricating will not be identical.


With excellent performance of wear resistance, it is resistant to heavy load and impact load.

It has excellent water resistant and sealing performance.

Compatible with plastic seal part, it has long service life. The excellent properties in both high and low temperature prevent it from getting lost on the friction position at high running speed in high temperature. With excellent viscidity, it is firmly attached on metal surface, thus to protect metal surface.


It is suitable for the lubrication of gear wheels and other friction positions of electric tools like electric hammer, electric pick, electric drill, cutting machine, grinder and garden machine, as well as for the lubrication of gear wheel and worm wheel of other machines.

Working temperature: -20℃~200℃

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